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About 4 years ago, while I was staring at my reflection in the mirror at work, I decided I was sick of my medium-length, boringly straight hair, and while I was driving home that evening, I stopped at the first hair salon I could find and asked them to cut bangs for me.
Which proved to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my adult life.
Not only did the stylist opt for that horrible 1980s feathered style of bangs, but she also cut them unevenly so that one side was twice as thick as the other, which required a lot of damage control from my actual hairstylist when I went to see him in tears the following afternoon.
It wasn’t pretty.
In fact, the only real compliment I ever got about those stupid bangs is that they made my “face look smaller.”
I’m not kidding.
So I asked my hairstylist if he had any secrets to teach me how to grow long hair FAST, but the only tips he gave me were to trim my hair every 6 weeks (which seems counter-productive to me??), take a multivitamin, and stop washing my hair so much.
Which wasn’t overly helpful.
But there are heaps of USEFUL tips and tricks on the internet that eventually did help me grow that horrible hairstyle out, and since I know some of you are just as desperate to learn how to grow long hair faster like I once was, I decided to do the research for you.
Because I’m nice like that.
Good luck!

1. How To Grow Longer Hair Faster | Easy Tips by Luxy Hair

You all know how much I love Mimi from Luxy Hair, so it’s not surprising that I’m sharing a tutorial from her, but this one is FILLED with great tips and tricks! And I love that she has given me an excuse to eat as much hazelnut butter as I want to!

2. How I Grew My Hair Fast! by MayBaby

I especially like the “dusting” trick in this tutorial, and I’ll be asking my hairstylist about this next time I see him!

3. The SECRET To Grow LONG Hair FAST!! by lovinglaurenx

Lots of great products and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the comb trick for wet hair. I have heard this MANY times, and I know firsthand that it works!!!

4. How To Grow LONG Hair SUPER Fast! by missBRAWR

Wow. LOTS of great tips in this tutorial. Oh, and my hairstylist has been pushing the cold water trick on me for years. And guess what? It works!!!

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