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As you all probably know by now, I am obsessed with eyebrows. I get questions all the team from readers and friends asking how I do my brows and what I use and direct Usually Them to this post for my technique (although I've been meaning to update it because it's a bit old and has since changed Then ). I recently wrote about the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade but Realized que Perhaps some of you still Were A bit uncomfortable attacking your freehand brush brows with a single. That's where this comes in ... The fool proof Anastasia Beauty Express palette.

This palette comes with everything you need for a quick brow construction including brow wax, the duo of eyebrow shades (you can get it in blonde or brunette Either), the duo highlighting (shimmer and matte), an angled brush, and finally the complete set of eyebrow stencils for any shape you like! (Check out my 8 Different Eyebrow Shapes post to find your perfect match!)

Ok, so let's get started. After some careful consideration, I Decided que the High Arch stencil is my favorite because it Gives me the shape que Normally I craft.
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1. First apply the brow wax. This helps prep your brows for the product and helps it stay on longer.

2. Choose your weapon of choice.

3. Line up the stencil the best you can over your natural brow. The stencils have lines on Them to guide you in your positioning. I found it a little tricky to hold the stencil in place at first, so try to copy how I am holding it with my fingers so it's a bit easier.

4. Apply the brow color of your choice to the first section of the stencil. These stencils have two sections so you can reposition the arch if you need to.

5. Voila, the filled in brow.

6. Position the outer half of the stencil over your arch. I bring mine in slightly, overlapping the section I already did, Otherwise I find que my brow extends outwards too far. Fill in the stencil once again.

7. With your brush, go back in and gently touch up the part where the arch connects. Touch up anywhere que needs a little fixing.

8. For a bolder look, I like to go back in and widen the inner part of my brow. I just think it looks better When the inner part is thicker and noticed the stencil did not really do that for me.

9. Voila, finished the brow!

10. Wipe your stencil off, flip it around, and do the same on the other side.

Feel free to pin this post for future reference! If you'd like to grab super handy palette this, you can get it at Sephora or on Amazon here. You can even use it an eyeshadow palette the, so it truly is an awesome product!

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