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I’ve been really struggling with my foundation routine lately.
I don’t know if it’s the change in weather, the fact that I’ve been sleeping less and drinking more, or if it’s because I finally cleaned the mirrors in my bathroom, but I often find my foundation is either melting off my face, or caking in the corners of my nose, around my t-zone, and underneath my eyes by the time my daughter and I make it home from preschool.
It’s horrendous.
Of course, I tried playing around with different moisturizers, foundations, brushes, and beauty blenders, but I finally came to the realization that (once again) I needed professional help.
So I turned to YouTube.
Because we all know that’s my most favorite place in the entire world.
(Second only to Pinterest, of course.)
As it turns out, I wasn’t using the right foundation for my skin type, and while I have the right application tools in my makeup bag, my technique for each of them was all wrong.
The good news is, I’ve finally learned how to apply foundation properly, and since my hormones are perfectly aligned today (I’m not sure what that’s all about?), I decided to share 5 of the best tutorials I found on YouTube to teach YOU how to apply foundation like a pro, too!

1. The Best 10 Foundations Ever! by Makeup Geek

Whether you’ve got dry or oily skin, have lots of money in the bank, or count your pennies before you go to bed each night, this is a FANTASTIC tutorial to help you choose the best foundation for you! I actually took Makeup Geek’s advice and bought Revlon ColorStay Makeup (her #1 recommendation), and it has done WONDERS for my look. I’m serious!

2. 10 Different Ways to Apply Foundation by gossmakeupartist

I love love love this tutorial! Not only does it reaffirm what I already suspected (fingers work better than any foundation brush!), but it also taught me some great techniques and brushes to try.

3. Foundation & Concealer Routine by Jaclyn Hill

I love all of Jaclyn’s tutorials because she makes me SO EXCITED about makeup, and I particularly liked this one because she taught me the importance of applying my foundation AFTER my eyeshadow. She also taught me why I shouldn’t apply ANY creams to my face after I’ve set my foundation with powder, which explains the caking I was experiencing. Thanks, Jaclyn!

4. My Current Foundation Routine by Carli Bybel

This is a quick tutorial that teaches you techniques to apply flawless foundation and concealer, and it also gives you some great pointers and products to use for contouring.

5. Mastering Foundation and Concealer Tutorial by gossmakeupartist

You all know how much I love Wayne Goss, and this tutorial does NOT disappoint. Not only does he teach you how to apply foundation and concealer, but he also shows you the difference between using a foundation brush and using your fingers to achieve the flawless look we all know and love!

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